RiBANA Organic Castor Oil

22005057 Brand: Ribana Category: Hair Oil
  • 300 BDT 269 BDT
It controls hair fall, encourages hair regrowth, treats dandruff, reduces split ends, thickens hair, darkens hair, and acts as a natural conditioner.
Sku 22005057
Brand Ribana
Category Hair Oil
Unit 100 (ml)
Variation No
Refundable Yes

RiBANA Organic Castor Oil 100ml

Brand: RiBANA

Product Type: Organic Castor Oil

Category: Hair Care

Hair Type: All Hair Types


RiBANA Organic Castor Oil is a natural and organic hair care remedy. It works wonders in controlling hair fall, encouraging hair regrowth, treating dandruff, reducing split ends, and thickening hair. The oil also acts as a natural conditioner, leaving your hair soft and manageable. Darkening properties add depth to your hair color.

To ensure optimal results, mix RiBANA Organic Castor Oil with a carrier organic oil before applying it to your hair. The recommended ratio is castor oil: 40% or less. It should not be heated, and exposure to sunlight or heat should be avoided.


Pure Castor Oil, Extra-Virgin Ingredients.

Product Origin: BANGLADESH

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